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Re: Teach Brendan How to Drive Buddypress!

Brendan Rohan


Hi there Modemlooper,
The basics I can do and have installed buddypress on a test site. My problem is really with getting a concept of how it all works.

I am setting up a WORDPRESS Buddpypress premium member website. I’ve had a BIG respon$e to my first tweets about the idea and people want in on my project, but alas, I’m no tech geek!!! So I have customers but no website, lol!
What I need to know at this point is this should I go down the road of using (a) standard WP for my site or (b) use WPMU for my premium website? I want to set it up properly and put a good foundation under it before it goes live.
— > It will be a basic member directory for low-level internet users, with groups and forums and there will be only ONE main blog. I am relatively wordpress / website savvy ( 7/10 ) but lack deeper knowledge of what makes them tick ( 1/10 – I can use filezilla ) and get lost in all the terms; i.e. perl, mysql, etc.
I’m intelligent however, so right now I need a stick-figure concept of Buddpress and the difference between WP and WPMU ( and why it is always quoted as being ‘above the average users head’ which it may be, but I have customers to serve so I want to go ahead with the project. )
Cool if you can point me in the right direction – demand for the service is growing and I haven’t even put the site up yet! Yee-hah!!

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