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Re: Terminology – Apples to Oranges



Saw the thread about the “baptismal name” for the 3.0 version. My two cents for the branding of the new WP 3.0 – WordPress NW (for network and looks like new too :-) but that’s up to the top honchos so I’m not going to sweat it. But we have to bear in mind that WPMU was not only used for multiple blogs and multiple sites using Donncha’s Domain Mapping plugin only.

I’ve also used WPMU as CMS for associations/organizations and the subblogs are used for mangement of either Departments or Sections areas including “Job sections” or “Prayer sections” – where each Admin/Editor is accountable for maintaining such, among other great things you can do with WPMU.

Looking at some of the changes in the merge specially with deprecating WPMU functions I see that it would be easier to upgrade single WP installs to WP 3.0 (as should be the case) than it would be upgrading WPMU installs to WP 3.0. – specially the WPMU installs with many customizations in frontend and backend including plugins hooking in wpmu_ (ouch!), tell me it ain’t so :-)

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