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Re: test 1.2



You mean that my office smells of machine translation, it is true. I have been following this plugin and have always wished that he had worked on a simple wordpress, but the Internet was not the solution, and wordpress mu I do not like, and I think the engine for social networking little weak (but this is only my personal opinion) , but the plugin itself buddypress can work wonders, but only for a simple wordpress. Of course we are not standing still and slightly altered this plug-in, hard to write him a simple wordpress, but some errors were, and blogs all set up on a different principle. truth will automatically create them failed, but still worked, did not work for some reason, some functions of the transfer of messages between users and groups, and something else. And when I heard that Andrew has decided that the problem of course, turned here, as at present a couple of projects are not ready, just because of the absence of such plagina.Etot plugin will be needed not only to me but I’m sure many other users. I have already raised this issue at one of the forums and site for translators buddypress into Russian Vyacheslav, and very glad that the problem is finally solved

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