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Re: The BuddyPress next generation API, the journey begins



In your new role as API guru, is there any way to coordinate the efforts of plugin developers and core developers, in terms of letting plugin developers know what’s worth pursuing? How do you determine what goes in the core and what is plugin territory?

For example, I just read that “Inappropriate content flagging” is a “Potential Future BuddyPress Feature” for 1.4+ ( and now I’m wondering how that jibes with Report/Ignore plugin that may be developed as part of GSoC.

The need for an “advanced” BP search gets discussed frequently in the forums, so would that be a core function or should it be up to plugin developers?

I’ve made two contributions of code that extends BP Forums – a “posts since last visit” tracker and now a “BP Forum Move Topic” function that I will expand to Forum Topic Split and Topic Merge – but before I start extending that, or start another project, how do I know if I am duplicating effort that eventually will be part of the BP core?

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