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Re: The BuddyPress next generation API, the journey begins


@andy We have put in place most of the steps in that article and have seen some results, but thats kind of the point I was making. To really put those measures in place you need a dedicated server.

@MrMaz Maybe “BP php is extremely inefficient” was a little wide-ranging, but it was a phrase that came up over and over again in discussions with several hosting companies. For example, a senior tech at Blue Host/Host Monster told me every BP install they host (and they host over 1 million domains) is throttled (if users find their site slow this may be why).

In order for BP to be the next killer CMS I believe it should be able to be run on a shared server. To get the kind of plugin support and wide variety of quality themes BP needs to get those users that are either unwilling or unable to pay for a dedicated server.


My current skill set is limited to testing and reporting back. That’s all I’m doing here, reporting what we experienced and what we where told. I’ll try to get better details.

I should also note I love BP. It’s a huge step forward and we will continue to use it and grow with it. I am only trying to offer feedback to help that growth. Thanks to everyone for their hard work that got us this far.

One more note. We have around 4000 members and are adding about 50 per day, so we would need a dedicated server regardless, but having a tighter BP would of course still be a big help.

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