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Re: The new “forums setup” in trunk does not fire



Currently the forums is acting as a group forum, specific to each group and its members. The tables get created when creating a group. You should then be able to create and post on topics made from within the group front end interface.

As of yet there is no backend available.

The forum setup will create a bb-config.php file in your wpmu root. There is an additional blank bb-config.php file in the bp-forums directory. It resides there to prevent access to the backend, so just leave that as it is. In fact you shouldn’t have to mess with the bb-config files what-so-ever.

As far as my testing goes, it works as advertised and installs correctly after I figured out that you need to create a group to trigger the table creation.

Try that and so how it goes.

PS. It should however create the bb-config.php file even if you don’t create a group, so I’m not sure about that. Are you using sub-domains or directory install? Is wpmu located in your root or sub-folder?

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