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Re: The News section

Burt Adsit


There isn’t any need to change the permalink structure of your blog. BP hijacks lots of URIs so that no .htaccess regex magic is needed to run BP. Normally the URI gets index.php and your recent blog posts. That’s what most themes do. BP home theme ain’t a normal theme. ;) BP home theme serves as the home/root of a community of blogs in wpmu. I’m still gonna want to post to the home blog for homey, groupy type stuff. Maybe I wanna make those things sticky for awhile. Whatever.

BP does some magic URI hijacking to avoid .htaccess mods. Correct me if I’m wrong Andy but if I remember correctly, browsing the code, I saw BP doing some registering of URIs such as ‘/news’ that gets caught by some code in bp-catchuri.php. BP looks at the URI first and if it’s something it wants to pay attention to then it snags it. Otherwise it just passes it on to wpmu.

‘/news’ is one of them there things. I have the root blog running just stock out of the wpmu box and it works as I intend it to and BP seems happy also. It’s confusing I know. Maybe Andy can gen a list of all hijacked URI patterns to clarify things?

Jeez. I hope *I’m* understanding this correctly.

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