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Re: The News section

Burt Adsit


Sorry, not getting where buddyPress is installed and how you have wpmu configured. There are some options for installing wpmu first of all. It can be installed in the document root or in a subdir. Originally wpmu had to be installed in the doc root for bp to work. I heard a rumor that bp now works with wpmu installed in a subdir of the apache root. True? I don’t know. That’s the first option.

Second option is you can run wpmu with subdomains or subdirectories. You can have your URIs look like or

@CriticalTodd it looks like you installed bp in a subdir off the doc root called ../bp is that correct? bp is installed in the wpmu /wp-content/mu-plugins dir. I’m kinda confused.

Here’s my setup that works:

1) wpmu is installed using subdomains not subdirectories in the apache document root

/var/www/ launches wpmu

2) buddyPress is installed in the /wp-content/mu-plugins directory


3) buddyPress themes get put in /wp-content/themes



However you have wpmu configured when it comes to subdomains or subdirs for creating member blogs, bp goes in ../wp-content/mu-plugins and ../wp-content/themes

How do you have your site configured?

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