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Re: The News section



@burtadsit — I should have explained better. As a new WPMU user without any tweaks whatsoever, nor any plugins, my only concern has been to get BP running. I didn’t mean for anyone to go out of their way to create a whole other test site. What I meant was, could someone who is using WPMU and BP in the root of the domain confirm that the problems I am having are a result of running WPMU and BP in a subfolder?

But, no need. I rustled up a spare domain and tested it myself. EVERY ONE of my issues are resolved now.

1) No login problem.

2) Groups showing up in the Main Site Admin area.

3) Posts writing to /news and showing up on the ‘News’ page (no need to change permalinks).

I’m really, really relieved. And I hope that my results will help others. I don’t know if the issues I encountered are related to BP and WPMU running together, or with WPMU itself, or with BP, or all of the above. But since my installations were broken in a subfolder, I believe that a subfolder installation of the social network should be avoided.

@Andy, I believe it would be helpful in the Docs section to let folks know that BP and WPMU work best if installed in the root folder of a domain. Perhaps you have this somewhere, but I didn’t see it anywhere and I read everything I could find here.

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