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Re: The News section

Burt Adsit


@pioneerskies I was testing the bp home theme on wpmu root blog (id ==1) with wpmu installed in the doc root. Everything works fine except that I don’t want to run the bp home theme as the wpmu root blog. I like the features of the bp home theme so I tried to implement those features in the theme of my root blog. It just got to busy on that blog home page. All the bp home widgets plus those I needed for other purposes made my decision to run the bp home theme on a subdomain. I modified the widgets to allow this and I’m off and running.

So I think. The widgets work but everything else gets 404 on that blog. The ‘news’ link gets 404. I create a post on that blog and it’s 404. Nothing works that require URIs on that bp home theme, subdomain blog. At the moment that’s very Ok. All I wanted was to consolidate the social networking stuff in one place. The admin menu bar gives constant access to member features and a link to the ‘community’ blog running the bp home theme gets me site wide stuff and full member/group listings.

However, the normal URLs on that blog are getting hijacked by bp. Looks like the bp home theme was designed to run on blog 1 and it’s hard coded for that.

@gogoplata You say this isn’t so for you? All’s well in bp home on a subdomain land? What could be different between your install and mine?

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