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Re: Top 5 Reasons Why Buddypress May Fail

John James Jacoby


1. False. We get it everyday in our bug tracker.
2. and see substantial traffic, and our showcase includes other high traffic BuddyPress powered sites.
3. is powered by the trunk version of BuddyPress, and could easily be powered by any 1.2+ version with only modifications to allow it to run on the shared .org space.
4. BuddyPress is operated in a similar fashion as WordPress, and has the complete support of the core contributing team of WordPress. That’s actually a good thing.
5. BuddyPress uses the same license as WordPress does. That’s another good thing.

Posts like this, aren’t healthy or helpful to anyone, as they’re not really founded on any past or current actions or activity.

But thanks for the feedback regardless. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about why this topic was locked or any of our responses.

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