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Re: Translating BuddyPress



Sorry for jumping in here as this thread seems to have taking so many twists and turns that it appears to have a bit of a different purpose than originally. However, this is the only thread that comes close to answering my, seemingly easy, question but I’m still having issues. Specifically, all I’m trying to do is to change the word ‘Friends’ to ‘Contacts’ throughout the entire WPMU/BP install and not truly translate anything. Per suggestions from a few posts earlier in this thread I’ve done the following:

1. changed the references to ‘Friend’ to contacts in the buddypress.po file using poedit

2. saved the file changed in #1 as en_US.po and generated the corresponding file upon saving

3. uploaded both the .po/.mo file into both the /wp-content/languages and /wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-languages folders

4. verified that ‘American English’ was now available/set in the ‘Site Admin – Option’ and ‘Settings – General’ sections of the site.

5. change the ‘WPLANG’ setting in the wp-config.php file to en_US

and ….

nothing has changed. What am I missing here? I know it must be me but this seems to be an awful lot of hoops to go through to make a seemingly easy and I would think common change. I’ve been at this for some time now so any clues anyone can provide would ease my frustration a bit. Thank in advance.

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