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Re: Trouble with @ -sign in the username



Ok, I’ll write here a more precise description of what I did in case anyone has similar issues in the future.

There’s no restriction in registering email as an username in WPMU. The only place I’ve had trouble with the email address as the username is BuddyPress. However, there may be other places, since the @-character is tedious.

Anyway, since emails are unique in the installation, just like the usernames, they can be to uniquely identify the user logging in. The workaround the to problem is to use a separate username, and set the login procedure to use the email instead of username. Here’s a nice plugin for the task.

Of course this workaround creates a bunch of problems for me in the integration, since these usernames aren’t necessarily used elsewhere and use of the emails in this fashion is really a hack, but these issues may be easier solved in the authentication code, which is the most crucial component in the integration and where I want to concentrate all my custom settings. Or else I’ll have to figure out something else later.

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