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Re: Tweetstream (twitter plugin) Beta testers needed!

@blackphantom – I think your plugin is just awesome and gets better and better! WOW! The settings are already great!

Some little suggestions:

– @mentions from BP to twitter are still @ in twitter. Why not make a similar setting: “Export tweets containing @names

– Set a personal filter in the frontend like “only import/export tweets with … in it” and “never import/export tweets with … in it (say I twitter alot about buddypress in twitter, but my BP Users are not interested in that at all…)

Would be even more great (if that is possible :-)

And did i get that right – is it already translatable? How has the file to be names? (I will make a german translation)

PS: I like, that we can name the twitter-app as we like too!!!

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