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Re: Tweetstream (twitter plugin) Beta testers needed!

Peter Hofman


Back from the weekend, had my and my girlfriends birthday party so no time to code etc. ;)

@mmeida, still having problems for bp to twitter? did you setup the access (when creating apps on twitter) on read and write?

I will release a new version soon, i hope tonight or tomorrow.

What will be in the new release:

– Hard-coded will be removed (oops..)

– Link tot profile page in tweet will be optional per user (user settings)

– Syncing from twitter to bp can be turned off (user settings)

– Preparation for localisation (next version i promise to have a language file)

– Posted “an” tweet type will be fixed

– Link on profile page “Want to tweet…” can be turned off for all users (admin settings)

Thanks for all the feedback! Its helping me a lot!

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