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Re: Unable to create groups or forums



Got pretty much the same issue here. Latest WordPress (non-MU) and BuddyPress installed via BuddyPress Template Pack Plugin.

With nothing disabled in BP general settings, everything enabled in component setup.

There is no “create group” in the “groups” tab. Only “My Groups” and “Invites”. Clicking the “groups” tab goes to which seems fine.

But I want forums. And it seems forums are a property of groups. So I need groups. How to create groups?

(After much confusion) I enter MANUALLY:

This goes to /groups/create/step/group-details/images/images/bg_body.gif which looks good. The heading says “Create a Group” and there’s input fields for “Group Name” and “Group Description”.

But entering group name, group description and pressing “Create Group and Continue —->” button only reloads blog homepage and creates nothing.

I’ve read somewhere that this might be theme-related? I run Atahualpa, pretty extensively customized. Yet the BuddyPress Template Pack Plugin was supposed to integrate everything painlessly (for ignorant non-coders like me). And the weird thing is how smoothly it seemed to have done the job. Until it came to creating groups.

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