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Re: Unable to create groups or forums

Scott B


I am also unable to create any groups on my installation. Details:
1. Ubuntu 10.04 fresh install dedicated to WPMU+BP only, on a corporate intranet.
2. WP-MU 2.9.2, BP 1.2.3, + LDAP user authentication.
3. Site blog uses BP default theme, user blogs use Kubrick.
4. No other plugins enabled.
5. From “groups” tab, click on “Create a Group”, which takes me to “site/groups/create/step/group-details/”. After entering Group Name and Group Description, clicking on “Create Group and Continue ->” just takes me back to /group-details/, Step 1, as if I had hit the refresh button instead of “Create Groups and Continue”.
6. Have verified that after every attempt, the wp_bp_groups table in the MySQL database is empty.

Any ideas?

EDIT: forgot to mention, WPMU is set up for subdirectory blogs (“blogs.corp.lan/blogname”). User account authentication, blog creation, etc., work just fine, as well as BP user activity, mentions. But user private messages don’t work (separate issue, it appears).

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