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Re: Unable to post on my website in forum discussion



One thing that might help is to put the following code on bb-config.

$bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;

I’ve tried to do this install from scratch for almost a week and have failed every time. But here are the steps I’ve been taking to get all of the newest releases to work together.

As always – get backups before making any changes!!

After you get wpmu & bp installed, install bbPress alpha 6 using my tutorial

Steps 24-28 deal with cookies. Ignore those and instead, use the bbPress integration plugin to get the codes for all of that. Then, delete the plugin.

After you get alpha 6 working correctly (group discussion works & login integration works), rename your bb-config file. Then overwrite the alpha 6 files with bbPress 1.0.1 Don’t delete the files!!! Overwrite them!! I think there’s a file being left behind that bp looks for & it isn’t included in the new version.

After overwriting the files, navigate to your forums. (i.e. and you’ll be presented with an install screen. Enter your database info & on the next page it will tell you that the database is already there & you probably want to use the upgrade script. Go through & do that part.

When finished with the database upgrade, open your old (renamed) bb-config file and copy all of your manually added codes over to your new bb-config file. Save & upload & all that good stuff.

At this point, group discussion should work. If not, check your xml settings & make sure they’re still on. The buddypress enable plugin (found in forum settings) doesn’t need to be activated.

*fingers crossed*

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