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Re: Unable to post on my website in forum discussion



$bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;


Oh, thank god you exist in this world :)

You were right…

I actually made several mistakes, that I wanted to point out, and then my final post on this topic will lead to the url to where I found out how to fix my issues.

But, thanks to TheEasyButton and John James Jacoby for their help. As it truly helped.

Also a big thanks to Trent Adams for writing up that helpful tutorial found sticky on these buddypress forums.

I had forgotten several steps

– Add the code to the bottom of the bb-config file, that TheEasyButton mentioned above.

– Disable forum discussions on new or existing group forums, and then re-enable them after they are created or working.

– Needed to be signed in to both WPMU and BBPRESS as the administrator and not the key master. I had forgotten to set up my new admin account to have admin priviledges on the bbpress side. Woops… like big woops. :(

There are two MAJOR things I wanted to point out.

– If you tried to intall bbpress 1.0.1 by itself as fresh install, then I kept getting a major error that said, “Could not create new forum” during installing. I had to install bbpress 1.0 first to a new SQL database, then I removed all the files from the BBPRESS folder, and then uploaded the new bbpress 1.0.1 files. Which once I installed this new version, the SQL database was already set up for bbpress, so it just treated it as updating. Someone at BBPRESS really needs to fix that, as I’m sure many people are running into that problem.

– The last thing I would like to mention, is that I didn’t really see on the tutorial article about helpful forum integration on the buddypress forums, about the cookies. I probably just missed that part, but it is very important that even when you overwrite your bbpress files, that when you over write your bb_config file, that you make sure the cookies are set and match wp_config cookies, of course with the bb_ prefix within the cookie parameters. Such as:








define( ‘WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION’, 1 );

If you forget that last line, then it will definitely mess up everything too. But, the plugins placed into the right directories are the most important. This also doesn’t include that some buddy press plugins require that you move certain files from those plugins into your default buddy press theme. You also have to have a default buddy press theme in order to see everything properly too.

One more thing,

Hopefully, one day, someone will create an easier way to do all of this. Everything is so scattered all over the place, and right now, it can take a newbie several hours to get everything set up the way it is suppose to be. So, hopefully, somebody might create a program or something that will just automatically do everything for you or done through a central area at least.

Thanks again for the help,

my problem is solved.

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