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Re: Upgraded to 1.2.4 and now No Blogs Showing!

Thought I’d test this blog DB issue.

Chose an older test install with BP 1.2 – deactivated ALL plugins, removed all old BP folder and files, brought WPMU up to latest version from 2.9.1. Confirmed WPMU & blogs running correctly

Downloaded BP 2.2.4 Activated (doesn’t activate sitewide?!) enabled default theme but NO other plugins; visit site no blogs!

Check DB and confirm table dropped :)

Reset table rows as before, nothing still no blogs under BP & and of course no primary blog so can’t get back to dashboard normally :)

Feels as though 2.2.4 is built for WP 3.0? doesn’t feel backward compatible.

Not sure how this made it through any basic testing really to release candidate.

I would hope this release was retracted very quickly until the issue is resolved before others trot of and god forbid upgrade production sites with large numbers of user blogs and inadequate backups.

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