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Re: Upgraded to WPMU 2.7 now I have an error

Burt Adsit


Lets start from scratch here. Do you have the x-profile tables in you db? You should have:




Where (tableprefix_) is set to something like ‘wp_’ depending on how you specified it on wpmu install.

When you look at the tables with phpMyAdmin is there any data in the bp_xprofile_groups table? There should be 1 record in there on a clean install. id == 1 and name == ‘Basic’.

In the table bp_xprofile_fields there should be 1 record it should have id == 1, group_id == 1 and name == ‘Full Name’.

If you don’t have all the above you will get the error you describe. If you don’t have all of that then the required tables for bp are not being created and populated properly.

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