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Re: Upgrading to 1.1-rc/1.1-beta



I’ve been testing the beta and I must say it’s great. The installation of the forum is just amazing. One click and it was done and working like a charm – WOW.

Everything works fine except one tiny little problem which I don’t think is a bug. I am just wondering if anybody else had the same problem.

All the main buttons (blog, members, groups, forums and blogs) take me to a 404 page “Page Not Found”. Everything else works fine. I can go to profiles, groups, group forum etc. without a problem. The links on the buttons look fine, just what I would expect them to be.

My setup:

fresh install of WPMU 2.8.4a

fresh install of bp 1.1 beta

fresh install of bbpress 1.0.2

using out of the box bp theme

It’s running on my local machine with xampp. Htaccess file is in place and url rewriting is working fine. Themes (bp-default and bp-sn-parent are in the themes directory and only the bp-default is activated.

Any ideas???


P.S. Thank you everyone who contributed to 1.1beta release. You did an awesome job.

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