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Re: user blogs – create new page or post missing from dashboard

Oh dear not the response I was hoping for :-)

So it is an issue and frankly a horrendous one, blogs are offered to users as fully functioning ones.

Sadly it’s not necessarily a straightforward matter to upgrade, at the moment I would have to run the backwards-compatibility plugin as I have got the community up and running based on a child theme overriding bp-sn file where necessary, in tests on local dev install upgrade to 1.2 I had to do a fair bit of work to get the existing theme running again and to rework styles to accommodate the new activity stream layout.

Thanks for the quick response though DJPaul I have to now figure how we proceed as too many aspects of the 1.x are demonstrating problems and I’m beginning to wish we had been able to wait for 1.2 to be released.

One point of interest though on another of the many test installs I keep running and one that I have kept pretty close to the production site in plugins and customizations this issue doesn’t arise and I can create pages quite happily so this can’t simply be a inherent BP issue but triggered by some action or plugin but don’t see what at this stage.

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