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Re: user blogs – create new page or post missing from dashboard

Coming back to this and wryly noting the lack of response to the further question I posed :-)

The issue in my case was the damned wpmu devpro supporter plugin that included amongst it’s poorly documented files one called supporter-write.php this effectively removes the ability to make a new post and/or page by removing those links in the users blog sidebar menu – disable that file and I once more had ability to create new Posts and Pages. Of course taking out a subscription automatically gives back access but nowhere does the supporter plugin explain this to the user that they can’t create posts or pages until paying a subscription and what is further damming is that this file does not actually do what it’s meant to as it appears to have overlooked the fact that you can still post by accessing the link in the admin bar dropdown! This smacks to me of very sloppy testing on the part of the supporter plugin and frankly wants to make me cry !

Sorry isos doubt this helps your predicament – unless you are using the supporter plugin? If this an issue apart I thought that Paul said this was fixed in 1.2.1 ;-)

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