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Re: User Blogs gone! What do I do now

I was the first to post about this issue actually (in that other thread). I’ve tried to reliably reproduce it and I’m afraid I cannot. Blogs are set to public. It always seems to happen when a new user registers and/or is promoted to a blog admin. I’m not sure if this is a BP bug or a WPMU bug… but I couldn’t find anything about this issue on the WPMU forums. At one point even my original admin user (username “admin”) couldn’t see any blogs listed. And I went into Site Admin > Options and switched the order of the admin usernames listed (on a lark) and that fixed it?! Very random… and bizarre. I wish I could outline steps to reproduce it.

p.s. unlike zageek… everything else is working perfectly. The only issue is no blogs being listed under “My Blogs” in the admin bar and in the users profile. So it’s not really all that critical. Everything still works. But it’s confusing to see a “Blogs (3)” tab in the profile with no results… and it’s a pain to have to type “wp-admin” in the address bar of your browser rather than being able to use the shortcuts in the admin bar.

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