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Re: User called zhanglingjuan114 possible spambot?



hi zageek,

Since mounth, zhanglingjuan appears with several different ending numbers.

Personnaly i banned it from 112 to 116 in wp-options ->banned domain’s over 40 days now.

additionnally, i add some ip’s used by zhang… into the htaccess

If you can verify in your server log file, you would see that they are offten the same ip’s which are used.

I also blocked access to all trafic comming from libwww-perl witch brings a lot a lot of brut force tempting.

A little mail to abuse@gmail…. will not resolve the problem with zhang…., but will stress a bit the giant…. (i believe in the “butterfly effect”) ;-)

Using wp-spammfree and invisible defender widgets would also help you.

Of course, daily cleanning in the DB in wp-register and wp-signup tabs

since 40 days, no zhang… registered on my site.

Instead some new spammer appeared: firstnamelastname 1961 or any other year, mostly with mail on or

spamm is a never ending desease

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