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Re: User Rights get reset after login



Re; forum. I had bbpress already installed and pointed buddypress to bb-config.php. After doing the upgrade to 1.1.3 buddypress lost that information and was looking for the forum in plugins/budypress/bp-forums/. I copied bbpress manually to this folder and things are OK now, I hope.


Re: User Rights. I use LDAP and if I add LDAP users via Admin area, changing their rights works OK. However if I let a user account be created as soon as the user logins for the first time via LDAP that sets the user lever to Author. When I change this user lever to Editor it goes back to Author after user logs in and attempts to do some editing (blog post/page).

So I give ldapUser1 Edit rights to blog123. ldapUser1 logs in and goes to edit a page in the blog. ‘Edit this entry’ message shows up. User clicks on it and gets a message ‘You are not allowed to edit this page.’ at the same time user rights reset back to Author.

This might be a bug with LDAP plugin?! Will test it with WPMU + LDAP only.


Re: disabling buddypress. Well that screwed up my whole site :-). Lucky me it was a test one.


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