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Re: Users can’t register through BuddyPress home page



We have WP 3.0.1 and are using the Citizen Kane 1.0.2 theme. I can’t see any way to tell what version of BuddyPress we have, but it was installed just a few days ago, so it should be whatever the latest number is.

BTW, I’m a total newby at both WP and BuddyPress and came to the forum to find help, not to get dumped on. This topic is dead on point. Although this thread was STARTED 5 months ago, nobody seems to have offered any help and people were still posting the same problem just a week and a half ago.

It doesn’t help to get snippy about “generally not the done thing to do on forum” when there hasn’t been any useful response to this one in the past and, frankly, I don’t think starting lots of new threads about the same problem will help anyone. Isn’t that why forums are organized into threads in the first place?

Can we get back to solving the issue?

Before we start dismantling all our work, what will happen to all the stuff we’ve created (design work, etc.) if we disable all the plugins and change themes?

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