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Re: Users can’t register through BuddyPress home page

You came here seeking help from those more experienced!

BTW, I’m a total newby at both WP and BuddyPress and came to the forum to find help, not to get dumped on

Where have you been dumped on?

It doesn’t help to get snippy about “generally not the done thing to do on forum

There is a very deliberate reason old threads are not raised again, and yes sorry but forums rules in general frown upon this action and do ask that people start their own threads. You claim this thread mirrors your own issue, but I’ll point out that your stated inexperience in matter leaves you not best placed to judge that.

I don’t think starting lots of new threads about the same problem will help anyone

Again let us worry about that.

Please set aside the attitude it doesn’t help. Once again you have come here for help, that help often comes from experienced professionals that earn their living coding and developing, please respect the fact that there is no obligation to help and that this help forum and the project itself is maintained by volunteers – unpaid!

You really needed to have followed my advice earlier about testing with bp-default and plugins disabled if you had lurked on the forum you would have noted that this is a very common and important request.

Now as to your concern as to losing work you wont! it is perfectly safe to change themes that is the nature of the WP themeing side of things, disable your custom theme and activate bp-default also deactivate any BP related plugins except BP itself nat and also any custom functions that you may have created in your themes functions file.

Test the registration process in this default state if it works then you now know you have an issue with either your custom theme or a plugin; if it still doesn’t work then you might consider checking that you have in fact told WP to allow registrations in the WP options screen, if that is set confirm whether WP itself can accept registrations – helps to make sure WP is set up correctly and working before moving on to adding further layers like BP.

When that is done please report back and let us know what the outcomes were and we can then proceed from there.

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