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Re: Want to host a blog and social networking on same site, help plz!



buddypress does what you are wanting with both blogs and social, it works for me with the WPMU version of wordpress. From what I understand some people have it working with the new wordpress 3.0 series that is in kind of a testing phase at this tine. I am not sure if any blog themes have come that match the current default buddypress theme exactly – but it wouldn’t be hard to sculpt a WP theme like painter or constructor to be very close in most details.

But what you are asking, is exactly what buddypress does. I would go back over all the of the installation instructions, and recheck all the steps and settings. If you are trying to use regular wordpress, and not wordpress mu – that may be an issue – haven’t tried that yet. Maybe there is another setting that is not in the instructions for that?

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