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Re: We really need a required full name?

John James Jacoby


I think the idea is not to have BuddyPress permanently alter the WordPress related data. Right now, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but past of the design and development process of BuddyPress is that it can be added and removed without any changes done to the WPMU data structure, apart from conveniences like changing a password, etc…

You can rename the “Full Name” in the BuddyPress to say “Nick Name” or “Display Name” or whatever you’d like, and then code your themes to use that info if you so choose…

To be honest, from a developers standpoint, I like how it is right now, as it allows me to keep things separate. If you’d like to open up the ability to modify the fullname, then really BuddyPress should be able to modify ALL of the original WordPress user info exactly like the profile admin panel does, with website, info, firstname, lastname, etc…

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