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Re: We really need a required full name?



I think the idea is not to have BuddyPress permanently alter the WordPress related data.

I’m new to BP and so I’m not familiar with how all the functions work, but what in the original WP data structure would be altered by deprecating fullname in favor of using the WP fields?

…then really BuddyPress should be able to modify ALL of the original WordPress user info exactly like the profile admin panel does…

I would like that, actually. Or at least to have the option to have the profile be able to modify that information.

I want the original WP functionality that allows a user to choose which fields — username, first name, last name, or nickname — to display for them. I thought that was a great addition to WP and I don’t like that installing BP has effectively cut me and my users off from that choice without some serious code modification on my end.

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