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Re: Where is the dashboard link ?



Thank you socialpreneur for the response, but….

Since 10 mounth i go to the backend via these menu item.

As site admin i have to work in the admin.

Since the update to 1.1 i can no more access to “publish” I entend that BP should be manageable from the frontend, but if so it is also normal that i can publish, delete or edit my stuff.

It’s not my first update, i know FTP and SSH and i handle always manually. And so far as i can see, my theme is setted correctly. You can take a look, the address is above.

In bp-core_adminbar.php, at line 151, is a list

echo ‘<li’ . $alt . ‘>’;

echo ‘siteurl . ‘”>’ . $blog->blogname . ‘ (‘ . $role . ‘)‘;

if ( !( ‘Subscriber’ == $role ) ) { // then they have something to display on the flyout menu

echo ‘


The file is from 1.1 version.

The first line indicates the wp-admin url.

I don’t see this menu when i’m logged as admin. I have only “My blogs” who links to the root site and “Create a blog”

Meanwhile there is another tread here with the same problem i guess

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