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Re: Who wants a media plugin for BP



$200… that seems pretty cheap….. are you confident in their abilities? have you given them a list of features you want the gallery to have?

if they\’re going to do it right, I\’ll match your $200.00 with $250.00-$500.00

(\”right\” being the key word) so 750.00 total if it\’s done well

prefect scenario:

whatever they make is good enough that it gets integrated into BP by Andy

Andy… what are your thoughts on this? I know this is coming in RC2, but what if we paid some people to take that task off your plate? what would be your pointers for the developers that will take this on?

even more perfect scenario:

gallery allows a video and images section, where videos and images can be uploaded or linked to/embedded… picture nextgen gallery for video… oh, and all of this is done from the profile/front end only…. no wp-admin/gallery etc……. no 3rd party servers…. all content is uploaded to the site server, etc

im down…. what are your thoughts?

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