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Re: Who wants a media plugin for BP



i see i see….

“The WordPress plugin we wrote ( is compatible with WPMU (you can place it in the plugins directory and activate), So I guess that for an experienced developer this should be an easy task.”

this is correct…. not too difficult to move the interface to wherever…. as long as to include/loop the right core files…

will this modified plugin actual integrate with BP? or just get moved to profile?

by actually integrate, I mean for example:

– pics can only be viewed if your their friend

(just like you can only write to wire of friends)

– tags, titles and descriptions of videos/pics are searchable from the /members page

– gallery adds ability to “view random video” just like “view random member”


if not, I fear this modified plugin will get replaced by whatever Andy and the Gurus come up with for RC2….

depending on the outcome, I’ll cover at least half… maybe the full $200 since your dealing with them… but I’d need to see/test it first on my install

any timeframe?

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