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Re: Who wants a media plugin for BP



@ GPo1 do you have a complete list of features you want? I want to see them

@ Mambenanje $2400.00 is too much, I fear you’ve lost this bid.

@ DallasClark

we just need to assure this follows the best practices of the latest WPMU and BP… I don’t know your level of skillz, but you seem to have a good grasp on things…

you should also send your working plugin to Andy Peatling so he can review/comment is he’s available to. this really needs to be “adopted” into the core of BP… this will assure its continued development by others as the BP following grows… unless you want to support a plugin like this on your own? (i wouldnt want to)

if it does what you say it does/can, you’ve got my money.. but i need to test it

what can you tell me about the “core” of your plugin?

is it based on another plugin?

is it built using the WPMU core media management?

do you have a working version on your own site?

are you willing to share the development/improvments work with other devs?

will this remain GPL?

can we get a list of features now VS with more $ ?

I assume this is something we will be paying you to complete?

the questions go on and on….

thanks everyone

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