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Re: Why 2 blogs act like “catch-all”?

John James Jacoby


In the current stable version of BuddyPress (1.0.3) changing the root blog from 1 to anything else still works in a few funky ways. There is a proposed fix for this (from me) in the trac but it is pending more bug fixes for 1.0.4 (which may get trumped by 1.1 at this rate.)

Basically what I imagine is happening, is that when users sign up, they are given access to the dashboard blog like you specify, but they are given the contributor rights to blog_id = 1 because BuddyPress assumes “1” instead of BP_ROOT_BLOG.

Basically, you’re stuck for the time being. You can apply my proposed fix but it’s pending testing and review so I’d suggest not using it live if you can help it.

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