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Re: Why is BuddyPress stripping my object or embed tags?



The Unfiltered MU plugin works for admins and editors in WordPress, but it depends what BP component you’re trying to use the embed/object tags in BP.

The Unfiltered MU plugin did not work for importing blog posts anymore. I needed a way to import 180+ post, most of them with embedded video on

Yes, security is important, but if it wipes out 80% of my blog something’s gotta give.

I’ll remove the code from kses.php and let the Unfiltered MU plugin take over for just the main blog. Or wouldn’t that work? Would I have to start all over again, manually remove 180+ messed up posts?

How can I turn the object/embed tag stripping off in Buddypress’ main blog? I’m not trying to use the tags in a Buddypress component, only in the main blog. Or is that a component as well? Confused…

Like Zenseeker, I couldn’t make sense of Burt Adsit’s solution.

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