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Re: Why is BuddyPress stripping my object or embed tags?



No, the problem is importing 180+ posts, most of them with object and embed tags.

Initially I was hosting my own videos and I still want to keep that option. There doesn’t seem to be a plugin for that.

And I’m a bit reluctant to fall back to yet another plugin for something that should be standard html. If it causes security issues, WP should come up with smarter ways to deal with them instead of just erasing 80% of my posts.

If these plugins are so effective, has anyone integrated them with export/import, so that object/embed tags are automatically converted to safe tags?

I’m happy to keep my own blog “unsafe” and block object/embed for other blogs on the system. If someone could fix Unfiltered MU so I can do that again, that would solve my headache.

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