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Re: Why is BuddyPress stripping my object or embed tags?



Sorry, Burtadsit, but can you break this down a bit more for the truly moronic like me? I’m having the same problem and I have installed vipers-video-quicktags which is nicely displaying all the various video icons in my visual editor. It is working correctly, but when the post is saved the code disappears as above. Now you say it’s a security hole. I don’t want to open up something bad, but I do want to easily add video to my posts. I don’t want to do anything with the forums.

Is this the entire code I put in a bp-custom.php file?:

function my_allowed_tags($allowedtags){

$allowedtags[’embed’] = array();

return $allowedtags;


add_filter( ‘edit_allowedtags’, ‘my_allowed_tags’ );

I’m confused as why you mentioned bp-forums.

And again, I really don’t want to open up something bad. What are the implications of adding this?

Thanks in advance. I know I ask pretty dumb questions.

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