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Re: Wire Posts in bp 1.2




I was originally thinking along the same line as you. Just filter the @mentions not just for us, but for everyone to see in a tab on everybody’s profile page, right?

However when you really think about it, it’s really kind of redundant. Why would you do that if say you could’ve gone to that person’s profile page, clicked on their @mentions tab and post your message there, without ever trying to figure out what their username is. I mean per se, the @mentions tab will eventually turn into a wall-like tab, right? Typing @ might be an incentive because it is a shortcut without visiting that person’s profile page prior to writing them something. But it is only for people whose usernames you are familiar with.

Actually, it could be a capturing area for both. Either messages with an @ tag or messages posted on that tab will be there. This would be a better implementation. And obviously users should be notified of both when they arrive.

Edit: There is already a solution up there. Put the @username out of the message box (like sending a personal message), and let a message box on the profile page’s @mentions tab behave the same way. Clicking “Send a Public Message” should bring you to that @mentions tab on their profile. Done! This is solved =D

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