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Re: WordPress 3.0 + BuddyPress and Activity Stream as Front Page (possible fix?)

I was pretty amazed that something like the activity stream on front page issue could exist especially as it seems such a core part of WP/BP and not exactly hidden, and more it worries me that it’s left to kindly souls as r-a-y rich! and rvenable to try and find a solution and before anyone says it.. no it’s not a given that this is how projects work :)

To some extent if you are planning on rolling with BP there is little point in waiting for ever more and a day for a 100% stable release as there is unlikely to be such a thing for quite a while, it’s the nature of the methodology in use and for very reminiscent of the early days of WP. and WP 3.0 is holding up pretty well yes there are issues but you’ll have to bite the bullet at some point :)

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