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Re: WordPress 3.0 + Buddypress — User Creation Problems?

ketan khope


@Ishimwe Do you think asking for help is something wrong ?
Yes you may argue here that i used a wrong way but can you get the scenario here. I posted that kind of Language after 3months !!!
Ok second fact you said i should appreciate others’ efforts ( others should include both Buddy press developers and its users) … but you are considering only one side here .Lets for time being say i am a nerd i don’t have any knowledge about PHP or rather any kind of programming and what CMS are build for ? to simply solutions for non programmers. So what i am appreciating here is ‘ TIME & Energy ‘ of people who are not as good as you in programming so i am telling them there are these kind of problems in this system instead of getting to know about it after putting your time and energy look if you can solve them and then only decide to use this CMS . .. whats wrong with that approach ??

Again if the solution provided by you solves the problem as i have not tested it but if it does then don’t you think my this post which is actually all over Google if you search anything even close to buddy press will help buddy press users ( both new and present ) who are facing same problem ?So my coming here to vent about buddy press is actually going to help people than otherwise i guess !!

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