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Re: WordPress MU 2.8.1 Released



well i didn’t go anywhere near the php.ini file as this is a dedicated server and I don’t separate them out on a per site basis.

the .htaccess file was not overwritten, left that intentionally.

I’m going to try it one more time and see if it helps.

I did have one problem that I forgot about. I accidentally deactivated buddypress before I deactivated all the plugins that rely upon it. That resulted in a 500 error. I had just removed the offending plugins that rely upon buddypress via ftp, figuring that would solve the problem. Which it ‘appeared’ to do, but obviously not.

So I reactivated buddypress, then reupped the other plugins via ftp, and then did the deactivation the right way. Now all are properly deactivated and I’m replacing files again.

will report back.

John: reminds me:

burt actually asked me to send you a pm regarding an ‘issue’ i am having as he is to busy with his move. I’ll send it after this final attempt.

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