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Re: WordPress MU 2.8.1 Released



Is anyone having any success determining the steps for a fresh install of WP MU 2.8.1, bbPress 1.0.1 and buddypress 1.0.2?

I can’t get the WP MU 2.8.1 and bbPress 1.0.1 integration playing together. I’ve tried the bbPress Integration plugin for wordpress. This plugin shows one section with wordpress constants COOKIEHASH, COOKIE_DOMAIN, SITECOOKIEPATH and COOKIEPATH under the “Save Changes” button:

define( ‘COOKIEHASH’, ‘8601cf66cb0dd7bfc31ae5a1499a18a4’ );

define( ‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’ );

define( ‘SITECOOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );

define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );

I’m working on an offline development server on my Mac (XAMPP running php 5.3.0). I was using MAMP Pro but stopped using that when I found out their was an incompatibility with the libxml / php versions it was using.

Currently I have to logout of one backend to access (login) to the other (or clear cookies) to access either backend. I can’t be logged into both at the same time. It’s sharing usernames and password okay …

Are there any tricks that people have been using to try and debug this?

I’m quite keen to work from a fresh install of latest releases of all the components rather than working through upgrades of previous versions (which are also tricky to integrate).

I’ve tried stirring in newt’s eyes and frogs legs into the cauldron but they don’t seem to help.

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