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Re: WordPress Theme with BP 1.1



Greetings –

Just need a little help here…I simply want to run BP 1.1 in compatibility mode

and use a WP theme for my root blog and and a BP theme for BP activities.

I do NOT want to merge the two. I have tried that, and my WP theme (Magicblue)

is not suited for all the things that BP needs. Therefore would like to run things

exactly like under BP1.0. I have this working on another system (WP 2.71/BP1.0).

I am not clear as to which template files to move to my WP theme from the new

version of BP. In the MERGE process I would move over “optionsbar.php”, “userbar.php”, and “plugin-template.php” and then move over all the subdirs from bp-sn-parent. What

do I move over to run in campatibility mode? PLEASE some help…I have posted several

times in these forums and do not seem to be getting any input.

Thank you once again for your time.

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