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Re: wp-bp for a newspaper site, how-to?

You can actually do just about anything in WordPress if you really know your stuff… so for me it comes down to usability. Joomla and Drupal both tend to be very complicated for the average (or even ‘expert’) user. For usability, no one comes close to WordPress… in my opinion.

Pages are for static content like “contact us”. They are organized and retrieved by a fixed hierarchy and cannot be tagged or categorized.

Posts are for topical content like news articles. They can be organized and retrieved in and a multitude of ways… by tag, category, date, month, etc. You can even setup a custom taxonomy to add custom metadata to posts… like for instance… if it were a movie site… cast, release date, genre, etc. By default… with most themes… the homepage will simply spit out a stream of your most recent posts. But again, you can customize things in a million different ways if you know your stuff.

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