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Re: wp-bp for a newspaper site, how-to?



Hi Alcina22 I might get shot at for saying this but maybe Buddypress or WP might not be the optimal solution for a news site, but why not because there is a different tool for a differnt job. I might suggest Drupal. Once you understand what a node is and that content items = nodes and you can create your own content types (node types) you are away. There seem to be a few good news sites that use that CMS. Check this out

You could still use Buddypress for the social component though but you would need a bridge between the CMS you are using and WPMU to allow cross platform logins, those kinds of things tend to get messy though. Otherwise look at a magazine front page theme and hack things to get WPMU and Buddypress to function they way you want it. It all depends on how much interaction you want taking place around your articles. I have noticed that traditional newspaper sites seem to keep the activity down to just comments on artices and keep the social interaction for a separate section of the site, but maybe you have an idea for a new type of interactive news site.

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