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Re: WPML.ORG / BP Multilingual Plugin Support

This post is gold dust, to allow users planning to choose BuddyPress (like us), to re-consider.
At worst, we can review the activity for a ‘Buddy Press alternative’ and re-think if there is a lot of others discussing the same. Which there is.

Seeing current developers less than sympathetic and learning on the side of ‘take it or leave it’, we do enough, is very valuable.

Whilst ranting is negative, it should show the impact bad software and upgrades has on a user, once they have chosen to adopt a solution (trusting it). For open source to work, it has to maintain it’s ‘hard won’ reputation. Surely… it may be rude to ‘demand’ things of a open source software, but only if that software is aiming to be a cut under ‘paid for options’.

Without confidence, business users will go back to choosing the big names. With the old comment… “no one loses their job for choosing Microsoft”!

Everyone appreciates the hard work by contributors and understand their need to earn. However the damage that can be done, is aligned with the benefits. Or more. Damaging the dedicated ones, who hope their knowledge, and efforts, will lead to work from big business.

If plugin makers are not in for the long term, or stall, the host solution is only any good if others step in and such weaknesses are not accepted.

Saying that, whilst the author appeared to be happy with it not being perfect, it has been said that ‘Transposh version 0.7.0’ works to make Buddy Press Multi language.

It is the adopters risk, to go ahead if a Multi language Buddy Press is important. Which it is to most (many). But this post can help with that decision!

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