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Re: WTF????

Burt Adsit


Realfam, I’ve seen that kinda generic ‘apache is alive and well here’ screen. It showed up when I didn’t do all the steps needed to get mu setup correctly. I just made sure that I went thru and did *everything* in the mu install readme doc.

– mod_rewrite turned on

– httpd.conf configured correctly. <Directory> and <Virtual Host> directives

– DNS wildcard subdomains setup in my nameserver

– Do I have an .htaccess file in the doc root of my mu install?

When I did that these kind of problems went away.

mikepratt is right realfam. How old are you? Try to be more descriptive of the issue in your topic title please. Sudden emergencies due to incorrect mu and apache configurations are your problem. Just like problems related to my inexperience and stupidity are my problems.

mu requires a certain level of experience that only comes by solving my own problems. If I just throw up my hands and give the problem to the universe I get ignored.

You’re not a dick Mike. That’s my job. I guess I can share the responsibilities though. If I have to.

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